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FWB Duplicate Bridge Club Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of 4 elected officers who serve 2 year terms and are elected at the annual meeting in December of odd numbered years, the directors of our regularly scheduled games, the members of Unit 219's Board of Directors from our club, the chairperson of the Regional Tournament Committee, the chairperson of the Sectional Tournament Committee and owners of sanctions for games played at the club's building.  The elected officers are a President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer.
The Current board of directors is:
President:                                 Keith Johnson
Vice-President:                         Doug Bogart
Secretary:                                 Audree Newman
Treasurer:                                 Lee Anderson
Club Director:                           Betsy Poor
Club Director:                           Jim Jones
Club Director                            Martha Bogart
Regional Tournament Chair:    Audree Newman
Sectional Tournament Chair:    Dan Jarboe
Unit 219 Board Member:          Gayle Marr
Unit 219 Board Member:          Margaret Joyner